Petite Planète: Grande-Bretagne


Jean Bailhache
Published by Éditions du Seuil
1960, French
18 × 10.5 × 1 cm

From 1954–58, Chris Marker worked for the publishing house Editions deu Seuil and initiated, edited and designed the French travel book series Petite Planète. Marker wrote that the books were "not a guidebook, not a history book, not a propaganda brochure, not a traveller’s impressions, but instead equivalent to the conversation we would like to have with someone intelligent and well-versed in the country that interests us." We've selected a good condition copy of the Great Britain edition in honour of our London home, which came after Marker's period of most active involvement, but still follows the series format with chapters devoted to topics such as Welsh rarebit and British literary figures.

Please note that this is a used title and may show signs of wear and age. The photographs represent the copy that is available.

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