CSP7 Disorientation_web.jpg

Critical Spatial Practice 7


Felicity D. Scott
Nikolaus Hirsch and Markus Miessen, eds.
Artwork by Martin Beck
Published by Sternberg Press
Designed by Zak Group
2016, English
10.5 × 15 × 1.2 cm
ISBN 978-3-95679-187-1

In the seventh volume of the Critical Spatial Practice series, architectural historian Felicity D. Scott revisits the Viennese émigré architect’s readings of the vernacular both in the United States and Japan, which resonate with his attempts to imagine architecture and cities that refused to communicate in a normative sense. Rudofsky’s unconventional musings take on a heightened resonance in a contemporary world saturated with visual information.

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CSP7 Disorientation_web.jpg