Critical Spatial Practice 5
Ickles, Etc.


Mark von Schlegell
Artwork by Louise Lawler
Published by Sternberg Press
Designed by Zak Group
2014, English
10.5 × 15 × 1 cm
ISBN 978-3-95679-073-7

Helming Los Angeles’s most misunderstood info-architecture practice is Henries Ickles, “the man without self-concept.” Time and again Ickles offers practical solutions to the most impenetrable theoretical entanglements of art, architecture, and science in the 2090s. In the fifth book in the Critical Spatial Practice series, Mark von Schlegell’s fusion of theory and fiction puts the SF back in notions of “speculative aesthetics.” A collection of interconnected comical sci-fi stories written for various exhibitions, Ickles, Etc. explores the future of architectural practice in light of developments in climatology, quasicrystalography, hyper-contemporary art, time travel, and the EGONET.

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